A Bastille Day Fête in Fort Greene

Bastille Day, or La Fête Nationale, celebrated on July 14 is the day the revolutionaries - in form of a mob - stormed the Bastille. It is quintessentially marked as the end of the French monarchy. A revolution followed and freedom! Happy Birthday, France! What did we get? The Universal Rights of Man, for one. Of Course, also the democratization of everything French culture. Champagne is available to the masses! Happy Birthday, France!

Bastille Day is the one day of the year when Chez Oskar lets it all hang out a bit, by celebrating a total immersion in everything French. Inside, a veritable explosion of flavor through a specially crafted prix-fixe menu, for delectable $45, is seasoned with a glass of champagne, or several..

Chez Oskar's selection of French beers, pastis and apertifs will give you the courage to face the Patanque tournament outside - replete with sand - and possibly win. From Chez Oskar's perennial Can-Can dancers to the newly Robespierre photo booth, (yes, that's right, you can take your photo next to the French hero) this year's celebration in Fort Greene will delight and satisfy. There's simply no better way to spend a Sunday in New York.

So, Grab a Pernod or Ricard, step outside and enjoy the sidewalk of exploding color, sights and sound. Chez Oskar's Bastille Day Celebration kicks off at 11am on Sunday, July 14, 2013.




Happy July! 

It's always convenient when a new month falls on the first day of a new week.  Call us geeks, 

but we like convenience.  We're serving up great French Fare (convenient) with great service and cocktails

(convenient) and delight you with Jazz you can only find here (hyper convenient)

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn play live tonight at Oskar.  Come, make some amis and stay a while.




Mid-week relief - Live Jazz Wednesday

Get your groove and french grub on tonight with Sarah King and the Smokerings paying live from 8pm.

It's the perfect night in Fort Greene.


Brunch at Oskar - Sublime

It's the weekend.  The Brooklyn Flea is back and brunch at Oskar is here as well.  With weather in the upper 50s, you can happily sip on an Oskar Spritz - on our brunch cocktail menu. 

Made with St. Germain, Champagne and Soda with a lemon twist, it's the most refreshing brunch drink to be had.  Bon Weekend!



We're featured on

Bonjour Mes Amis!

It's midweek and so far it's looking good.  We've just joined the Whats for Supp community - an online service where you can order recipes and ingredients for dishes from some of your favorite restaurants, such as us, of course.

We're featuring the Short Ribs Parmentier, Capreze Pasta and Roasted Chicken on the site.

Check it out and give the service a try.

Happy Wednesday!

The Chez Oskar family

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